Founded in 1994, Thin Air is published in print once a year and on the web on an ongoing basis. We seek work that represents the forefront of contemporary fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and visual arts. The editors also welcome flash submissions under 750 words. We care about sharp aesthetics, cultural relevance, and artistic cohesion. We are especially excited about works that bend rules and surprise readers while sneakily winking at tradition. Submissions from established and emerging writers with diverse voices are encouraged.

Thin Air is a nonprofit operating at an altitude of 6,910 ft, on the mountain of Flagstaff, Arizona, a popular stop along Route 66. The magazine is managed and edited entirely by Northern Arizona University graduate students on a volunteer basis, with faculty support from Nicole Walker.

Thin Air is funded by subscriptions, donations, grants, and partial university support. Please consider subscribing, purchasing a back issue, or donating.

2017-2018 Thin Air Magazine Staff


Jeanne Mack
 is a current MFA candidate at Northern Arizona University,
 where she also IMG_3182work as a graduate assistant. Her previous writing publications all come from the world of running journalism and blogging. Originally from Rhode Island, she moved to Flagstaff from Brooklyn and sorely misses bodegas.

Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Camille Sinaguinan


MurisonStacy Murison has written nonfiction, poetry, and short fiction most of her life, but has spent the past 21 years working in the nonprofit sector raising funds for literacy, education, science, exploration, and public media.  After deciding she has waited long enough to call herself “writer” full-time, she’s currently in the MFA program at Northern Arizona University studying creative nonfiction.

Assistant Editor-at-Large

Kristen Edge

Web Editor

Adrienne Bischoff has written professionally for the last 15 years,
focusing on music and arts. She currently writes for Flag Live! and Flagstaff Business News. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, she recently joined NAU’s MFA Creative Writing program. When she’s not writing, she’s acting with Theatrikos Theatre Company, Flagstaff’s award-winning community theater, under whose direction she won both a Viola Award and American Association of Community Theater award. Now if she could only find a job and get out of debt.

Fiction Editors

jenobiJennifer Obi is currently pursuing her MFA in creative writing at Northern Arizona University. She mostly writes fiction, has gained an appreciation for writing nonficiton, and is working towards giving poetry another serious try. While she is trying to get some of her own stories published, she does freelance editing and critiquing of short stories and novel chapters on the side. You can follow Jen on her writerly thoughts and activities by visiting jenreadsstuff.wordpress.com.

bendedmanA native of Asheville, North Carolina, Ben Dedman recently returned to the U.S. after teaching in Dalian, China for five years. He is pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing and MA in English Secondary Education at Northern Arizona University.

Assistant Fiction Editor

Erica Thompson

Nonfiction Editor

barbaralaneBarbara Lane is a writer-reader-teacher-editor originally from southern New Mexico, working on her MFA in Creative Writing at Northern Arizona University. She has volunteered her editorial eye to various organizations over the past ten years. When she isn’t doing writer-reader-teacher-editor-like things, she can be found hiking or bouldering somewhere in the New Mexican or Arizonan landscapes.

Assistant Nonfiction Editor

Natalie Rose

Poetry Editors

ChelseyBurden[1]Chelsey Burden is originally from Kingman, Arizona. She is earning her MFA in Creative Writing at Northern Arizona University, where she also received her Bachelor’s degree in Women’s and Gender Studies/Sociology. She works at Flagstaff Public Library, and is a poetry editor for Thin Air Literary Magazine. Her work has been published by Gazing Grain Press, the Ploughshares blog, 3Elements Review, and Entropy Magazine.


Emma Canning will be completing her MFA in Poetry in May 2016. She received her first MA in English Secondary Education from NAU. She has published works in Newfound Journal, Contemporary Ghazals, and Flagstaff’s local NPR station’s Southwest Book Reviews. She writes poems about being a rural Arizonan, the land, and ghosts.

Social Media & Funding

picturejamiethinair[4]Jamie Paul has loved words since before Mrs. Hadlock kept her in at recess for talking too much in first grade. She likes to use them to create stories, essays, artwork, picture books, and strange hybrid objects that are all of those with a dash of something that might be poetry. Jamie lives just outside of Flagstaff in a cabin in the trees with a passel of mammals, a tarantula, many books in need of reading, ice cream in the freezer, and muddy hiking boots. Jamie is a native Arizonan and is super glad her home state’s politics are nuts. Otherwise everyone else would realize how fabulous it is to have the choice of either snow or 90 degrees within a couple hours of your front porch practically all year long.

Layout Editor

Kelly-Rae Meyer, a native of Idaho, currently resides in Flagstaff, AZ, a mountainous and quirky town and home to Northern Arizona University. Here, Kelly-Rae is pursuing her Masters in literature. She teaches freshmen composition where she discovered that her ’90s references and witty comments are lost on 18-year-olds. On weekends, she enjoys wearing sweatpants more than she should and finally takes pleasure in naps. Her poetry and two reviews have been published in Talking River Review.

Events Coordinator

April Gonzales


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