Vintage Binoculars

Vintage Binoculars by Leah Browning Danny found them on a shelf at the back of the shop.  The thin leather strap was worn to a string on one side, and missing its snap, but someone had looped it through and tied it in a knot.  They were otherwise in good condition, for their age. He took them to … More Vintage Binoculars


GRAYSCALE by Brian Burmeister A month after Mom passed, I went back to the house to pack up. In the corner of her closet, buried under a pile of blankets, was a box within a box. Inside were dozens of aged, black-and-white photos of my mother with a man I didn’t know. There were no … More GRAYSCALE

Flight 2418

Flight 2418 By Paul Bergstraesser “Sir?” Was she talking to him? Who knew. He kept his eyes closed. “Sir.” Yeah, it was him. He took a deep breath and looked at the flight attendant. Her face was artificial-nice from corporate training but underneath he read sourness and disgust. Wasn’t the first time somebody had been repulsed by … More Flight 2418


Loretta, the cleaning woman, went at the picture window in the living room with a bottle of Windex, wiping in hard slashes. She always makes faces while she cleans, as if we live like animals on the days she doesn’t come. When she was finished, she dusted her hands off and said, “I don’t think I can get this house no cleaner, Mrs. T.,” like that’s my fault. … More HOLES