Abu-Baker, Reem (Issue 20, Over and over, I look at them)

Adams, Carolyn (Issue 20, Dose)

Adams, Rick (Issue 1, Misplaced)

Aleksandrovich, Jackie (Issue 24, Desert Reservoir)

Allman, Cathy (Issue 21, Untraveled)

Anderson, Thea (Issue 24, Text Me)

Araguz, Jose (Issue 21, Nada at the Market)

Asdel, Bryan (Issue 21, By Then, There’s Nothing)

Axelrod, David (Issue 2, A Last Question at Hobo Lake) / (Issue 2, Owning Nothing At All)

Bailor, Lucas (Issue 24, Bible Garage)

Barr, Terry (Issue 20, Morris)

Berman, Ruth (Issue 7, The O.K. Actor)

Best, B.J. (Issue 20, Jazz)

Bibby, Renee (Issue 21, Loved)

Bidwell, John (Issue 6, The Man and His Boy)

Black, Candace (Issue 21, New Year’s Eve)

Blokh, Daniel (Issue 22, Bird of Metal)

Bodnar, Chelsea (Issue 21, The Heiress)

Bonapace, Ruth (Issue 21, Love at First Page)

Bond, Wyatt (Issue 23, Fertile Ground)

Boulton, Lauren (Issue 21, We Have Learned the Signs of Winter)

Bourne, Nancy (Issue 21, Dirty Dora)

Bowden, Charles (Issue 1, Just Say the Word)

Brendan-Brown, Sean (Issue 2, 3rd Party Clutter) / (Issue 2, Every Last SOB & Then Some) / (Issue 6, Reflectios of Three Great Poets)

Brown-Davidson, Terri (Issue 7, In The Bath, Patsy Cline Has Magial Dreams About Giants)

Brown, Andrea Carter (Issue 5, The Orrery)

Burzynski, Peter (Issue 21, Drop the Anchor)

Busch, Trent (Issue 21, Aunt Phyllis)

Callanan, Liam (Issue 22, Sleep Tight)

Candice, Christopher (Issue 20, Robery Mulholland’s Recovery Journal)

Carlson, Angel Doll (Issue 22, Laundry List)

Carlson, Ron (Issue 1, Max Who Caught a Car)

Carney, Rob (Issue 4, That Bad-Ass God from the Old Days Appeared to Me in the Form of a 40-Gallon Hat)

Carswell, Sean (Issue 20, Wide Empty)

Case, Susana (Issue 20, Labor)

Cervantes, James (Issue 1, Starfall) / (Issue 1, What Might Have Been and What Was Never Meant To Be)

Clark, Clayton Adam (Issue 21, Winter Skin)

Corbin, Amanda Nicole (Issue 20, The Crickets Got Out)

Coshnear, Daniel (Issue 5, Where’s Fran Haynes?)

Cowger, Damien (Issue 21, Clangor)

Crow, Dallas (Issue 22, The Prose Poem and Common Household Appliances)

Danger, Jessica (Issue 22, Lawn Chairs)

Daniels, Barbara (Issue 20, You Ask Me the Names of the Flowers)

Davidson, Perry (Issue 23, Wren)

Davis, Sasha (Issue 6, Winona)

Davisdon, Caroline (Issue 21, To Shoot Guns in Mansfield or Get Help)

de la O, Jeni (Issue 24, The Women Who Love(d) Abuelo)

Dela Cruz, Darrell (Issue 21, Education Reform)

Dennison, Linda (Issue 22, Four Hours)

Dillon, Andrew (Issue 21, Dust)

Dinges, Richard, Jr. (Issue 22, Into Faces)

Dixon, Cat (Issue 21, To a Christian Man)

Dixon, Stephen (Issue 1, Survivors) / (Issue 3, Fritz)

Doran, Alexa (Issue 20, Some Call it Dada, Some Call it Divorce or Dorothea a Painting by Chuck Close)

Doreski, William (Issue 20, Condolences Offer Themselves)

Douglas, Leisha (Issue 23, Breckenridge)

Downes, Christian (Issue 22, Alms)

Duckworth, Jonathan (Issue 23, Eyes)

Duckworth, Jonathan Louis (Issue 22, Scary, Silly, Dead)

Dunkle, Iris (Issue 21, Planting Gold Ridge Mid-1800s)

Duran, Jared (Issue 21, What Now, Monkey Face?)

Ellis, Scott R. (Issue 4, Mercy)

Ellsworth, Kenneth (Issue 6, Two a.m.)

Evenson , Brain (Issue 2, Water and Angels)

Falconhead (Issue 20, The Rape of Chrysippus, or From The Bed of One Who Sleeps)

Fang, Dana (Issue 22, Singing Machine)

Gaither, Renoir (Issue 24, Peeps)

Gallagher, Ryan (Issue 22, Big Bear)

Gardner, Joann (Issue 3, Low Tide)

Gay, Ross (Issue 23, Interview)

Gibbons, JoLee (Issue 2, In March) / (Issue 2, Patchwork)

Gibbons, Mark (Issue 5, Gallows Jubilee) / (Issue 5, Pissed at Potter’s Funeral)

Giordano, Jo (Issue 22, Bloomers – 1859)

Glauber, Gary (Issue 20, The Reveal)

Goldfarb, Gene (Issue 20, Alone)

Gosztyla, Mark (Issue 24, Chaise Poem)

Grant, Bernard (Issue 21, Whip)

Grant, David M. (Issue 7, An Interview with Barry Lopez)

Greenhause, Jonathan (Issue 21, Off the Map) / (Issue 22, A Blueprint of Dispossession)

Grey, John (Issue 6, Searching for Signs of You)

Gunther, Mark (Issue 23, Measure Twice, Cut Once)

Hall, Ceridwen (Issue 22, The Zoo and Botanical Garden)

Hall, Kris (Issue 22, Silver Dollar Moon)

Hamilton, Tom (Issue 7, Gun Powder)

Hanson, Danielle (Issue 21, Coatimundi)

Harms, Jim (Issue 3, Now That Stephen’s Back)

Harrod, Lois Marie (Issue 7, The Transformation of the Hummingbird)

Hartung, Martie (Issue 21, The Parts I Didn’t Plan For)Harvey, Gayle Elen (Issue 7, At the Desert’s Edge)

Haven, Chris (Issue 20, The Black Hole Uploads a Profile)

Herrell, Dennis (Issue 20, Afterthoughts on M)

Holmes, Katherine (Issue 21, The Old Ladies at the End of the War)

Hughes, Alex (Issue 21, Maturing to Youth)

Hughes, Sara (Issue 20, Jill Explains the Fall)

Huset, Zebulon (Issue 21, Now-Now-Now)

Iglesias, Holly (Issue 3, Brinker) / (Issue 3, The Well) / (Issue 3, Wary)

Imbach, Kate (Issue 22, The Hole Game)

Jackson, James Croal (Issue 22, “I Wish I Knew How to Quit You,” Says the Moon)

Jay, James (Issue 5, At Tucker Plastics Factor) / (Issue 5, Ground) / (Issue 5, Tarantula Dreams) / (Issue 5, Toiling in the Morning)

Jeter, Lauren (Issue 24, Seamstress)

Jewett, Darry (Issue 23, The Spud)

Johnson, Iris (Issue 4, Apples)

Johnson, Nancy (Issue 3, Moon Beats Gulf) / (Issue 3, Therapy)

Juliano, Gary (Issue 7, Arroyo) / (Issue 7, Grand Union)

Kamsoke, Brian (Issue 24, Timber)

Kannemeyer, Derek J. (Issue 7, In Which My Momma Vacuums Flat the Budgie)

Keefe, Michael (Issue 23, Ujasiri)

Kelley, Kevin (Issue 20, The Ghost in My Shower)

Kelly, A.K. (Issue 24, Trail of Giants)

Kelly, Brigit Pegeen (Issue 4, Dead Doe) / (Issue 4, The Place of Trumpets)

Ketcham, Amaris Feland (Issue 24, Datil Yucca)

King, Cindy (Issue 21, Zoonotic)

Kingsbury, Eric (Issue 22, the warlock of times square)

Koenig, Mike (Issue 24, I Remember Jason)

Kolosov, Jacqueline (Issue 22, Intention in Three Movements)

Koon, Emily (Issue 20, Holes)

Kuhl, Christopher (Issue 21, October)

Kuo, Shirley (Issue 20, Rusting Bones)

LaFemina, Gerry (Issue 21, Last Scene of an Unfilmed Romantic Comedy)

Laughlin, Sean (Issue 3, Planet X)Lawrence, Patricia (Issue 2, Witchcraft)

Lawry, Mercedes (Issue 21, Sudden)

Lenhart, Lawrence (Issue 21, Munchos Kithanink)

Leonard, Sarah Van Praag (Issue 22, Mirage is Not a Warm Soda)

Locascio, Karen (Issue 21, Star of the Sea)

Long, Glenn A. (Issue 21, Ponie)

Long, Joel (Issue 21, Middel School Art)

Lyn Bruce, Jamie (Issue 21, When I Press Into You)

Lynn Thomas, Kelly (Issue 21, A Series of Portraits in Which a Girl…)

Mack, Elizabeth (Issue 20, Currency)

Majarian , Lynda (Issue 4, Postcript to Cloud Nine)

Malone, Dave (Issue 20, You Can Deny)

Marcus, Adrianne (Issue 6, Names)

Martin, Kaela (Issue 22, Where They Went)

Mastroni, Carly (Issue 23, Ceasefire)

Maxson, Nate (Issue 23, Further Intonations of the Fever)

McArtor, Victoria (Issue 21, Jigai is Another Thing I Do by Myself)

McCloy, Molly (Issue 3, In Search of GWCHUFCTV)

McCormick, Stanley (Issue 23, My Father’s Jacket)

McGlynn, David (Issue 22, The D Word)

McKay, Becka (Issue 23, Sayornis phoebe as Mistranslation)

Minich, Jan C. (Issue 7, The White Lady)

Murphy, Rich (Issue 21, Mortar for Oblivion)

Murray, Michael (Issue 24, Bedtime)

Nadler, Robby (Issue 20, there was no saving taxi)

Nash, Benjamin (Issue 23, The Yellow Bells)

Nelms, Sheryl L. (Issue 6, Hell Is)

Nielsen, Rees (Issue 20, If Only)

Nizami, Lance (Issue 24, Observance)

Olin, Marlene (Issue 22, Waiting for the Boom)

Oliphant, Mike (Issue 24, Medium Warp: Excerpts of a Digital Consciousness)

Orion, Shawnte (Issue 21, Depreciation of Clutter)

Palomba, Lauro (Issue 22, The Last Word)

Panning, Anne (Issue 22, Muse)

Parizeau, DF (Issue 24, Beyond City Limits)

Patterson, Brandon (Issue 21, Season of Storms)

Pelletier, Hannah (Issue 24, Lessons on Detachment, Volume One) / (Issue 24, The Lady Next Door)

Perchik, Simon (Issue 6, 3)

Phillips, Carl (Issue 22, )

Piccone, Samuel (Issue 20, Removal)

Piekarski, Thomas (Issue 24, Tale of the Red Frog)

Pinckney, Diana (Issue 20, Wolf to Dog)

Pisarra, Drew (Issue 20, Love is Colder Than Death)

Pomeranz, Jory (Issue 24, The Fractalist)

Prentiss, Sean (Issue 20, The Uncertainty Principle) / (Issue 22, Autumn of the Heart)

Procopio, Father Clement (Issue 2, The Olancho Experience Pt. II)

Procopio, Father Clement (Issue 2, The Pacific Coast Experience)

Provencher-Natale, Nicole (Issue 22, A Parrot Named Darwin)

Pryor, Deri Ross (Issue 22, Never on Tuesdays)

Quinn, Shannon (Issue 20, Bear Polite) / (Issue 22, Dear Radioactive Fox)

Rahnema, Shireen (Issue 1, On Women Who Cover Their Hair)

Rathkamp, Joshua (Issue 20, In Response to the Denied Appeal of the Court Order)

Regier, Mackenzie (Issue 20, The Dangers of Instant Space/Time Travel)

Roberts, M.A. (Issue 6, Of Silence and Scattering)

Roberts, Stephen (Issue 20, Blessings)

Roberts, Stephen R. (Issue 22, Shopping Hazards)Robinson, Lisa Beth (Issue 3, Closure) / (Issue 5, Bull Island) / (Issue 5, Yellow Train)

Rodwan, John (Issue 20, Graveside Costume)

Ross, Jim (Issue 23, Harlem Summer Long)

Rossner, Rena (Issue 21, House of Salt)

Roth, Henry H. (Issue 1, Lunch) / (Issue 2, Untitled)

Rouisse, Kristen (Issue 21, Traveling in Clawfoot Tub)

Rubenfeld, Shawn (Issue 21, Real Talk)

Rubin, Francine (Issue 21, Anti-Poem)

Rullman, Craig (Issue 1, Touch and Go) / (Issue 2, Mole)

Rush, M.C. (Issue 22, The Forecast)Saraceno, June (Issue 21, Unsung Mass)

Scherstuhl, Alan (Issue 5, Gravel)

Schoen, Amanda (Issue 20, Autumn Child: A Sestina) / (Issue 20, Elsinore)

Schroeder, Steven (Issue 21, Grand Theft Auto)

Scott, John I. (Issue 22, Among Collard Greens, 1930)

Searles, George (Issue 20, Political Action) / (Issue 20, Taking Narcissism to the Next Level)

Shipley, Vivian (Issue 4, A Poetry Reading in Connecticut )

Simmerman, Jim (Issue 20, Wings of Desire)

Skalsky, Askold (Issue 7, Freewriting, Late September)

Skolfield, Karen (Issue 6, A David Skolfield Love Poem)

Sloboda, Noel (Issue 23, Before the Moment When)

Smith, Clint (Issue 21, Among Collard Greens, 1930) / (Issue 21, What the Ocean Said to the black boy)

Smith, Shanalee (Issue 20, Medusa’s Husband)Snow, Bentley (Issue 22, The Moth)

Sojourner, Mary (Issue 21, Up Near Pasco)

Somerville, Kristine (Issue 7, the Flame Shirt)

Stevens, J. David (Issue 20, Good Intentions)

Stice, Carolyn (Issue 22, Ode to Enough)

Stout, Robert Joe (Issue 23, Devil Machines)

Suarez, Virgil (Issue 7, Santo Luis, Gardener of Miniature Roses) / (Issue 7, The Parable of Stones)

Sweeney, Michael (Issue 6, Allen Ginsberg’s Sneakers)

Sweet, John (Issue 5, The Molten Heat of August Afternoons) / (Issue 5, Weapon) / (Issue 6, Soft)

Talbot, Kelly (Issue 21, Soft Feathered Steel)

Tamani, Liara (Issue 22, Solo)

Tantillo, Sarah (Issue 1, Animals)

Thompson, Martin (Issue 23, blind)

Todd, J.C. (Issue 22, Pylimo Gatve, Vilnius)

Tomorowitz, Elena (Issue 22, Geometry)

Torres, Noel (Issue 22, Pantoum for a Lost Christmas Syllable)

Urquidi, AJ (Issue 21, For the farmers of Sheep Kill)

Van Zant, Frank (Issue 7, Generation XYZ Explicates Hamlet)

VandeZande, Zach (Issue 21, Kinds of Rubble)

Vaughan, Sara Wolfe (Issue 23, The West Is)

Vernon, William (Issue 20, In the Presence)

Viets, Alexandra (Issue 21, After the War)

Vivian, Robert (Issue 20, Listening Town)

Vontsolos, Alexi (Issue 3, Montana)

Warren, Abigail (Issue 24, Aunt Eileen)

Webb, Charles H. (Issue 4, Turtle Love) / (Issue 5, Maintenance Man) / (Issue 5, Weeds)

Wedin, Terrance (Issue 24, Money, Blood, Heroics, Love)

Wehle, Ellen (Issue 1, Saint Theresa Says)

Whalen, Brian Phillip (Issue 24, Broadcast)

White, Lynn (Issue 23, It’s Raining Again)

Whittemore, Marie (Issue 4, Araby)

Wiewiora, Chris (Issue 20, Way Out)

Wilson, Mariah (Issue 20, Father’s Death)

Winn, Howard (Issue 20, Boulder)

Wittle, MM (Issue 20, Presently in the Past)

Worozbyt, Theodore (Issue 21, Apart)

Wright, Drew (Issue 6, The Name I Wish to be Called)

Wright, Kirby (Issue 23, Roykkiohauta)

Wright, Leslee (Issue 20, The Only Souvenir You Need)

Yeniay, Muesser (Issue 22, Soothsayer of Desert)

Zilinsky, Peter (Issue 1, The Sheep Are Dying)