“When the enemy is despair what then will you do?” by Sean Mahoney

When the enemy is despair what then will you do?

Once upon a time in a construct of your own making
or maybe not your own making as it is all upstairs, in
that cranial playground where township of anything is,
at best, a flick of the flick, a wrist off the old cuff, an
apple pie of the dirty sky belt, a mis-directed text of
skin deep beauty peeled away, maybe you got stuck
there…in that play ground as you could not decide
for yourself, on your own, free from hint, that you
mired in a bath of European angst and painful flavor,
some malevolent force, some entity wishing you ill,
hoping to break your skin into grammatically altered
willow parts…keep in mind that it is during trauma
we all bear fruit, reconstruct belly, heart tissue, lung
capacity…we fall off our support ledge, our small
branch but we fall fully formed and wound ripe for
decay upon one of the last remaining untamed and
untrained and upstart, upwind, upticks of dirt, soil
and an array of repairs reality no longer offers…

Sean J Mahoney lives in Santa Ana, California with Dianne, her mother, four dogs, and rou renters. He believes that Judas was a way better singer than Jesus and dark chocolate extraordinarily good for people. Sean helps run the Zoeglossia booth at the annual AWP bookfair…poetry by crips. He is a Zoeglossia Fellow. Sean co-edited the first three volumes of the MS benefit anthology series, Something On Our Minds. His chapbook …Politics or Disease, please… is available now from Finishing Line Press.