“The Weatherman” by John Tustin

The pipe under the kitchen sink is busted
And so am I.
The damned pipe is made of plastic
And now I have to go buy another
Damned pipe made of plastic
That will probably bust again
Just like I will bust again.

I can’t play a musical instrument
And I couldn’t figure out algebra
But I’m sure I have a talent
That has yet to be tapped.
I just need to discover it.

I’m never high
But I’m usually low.
The water is lapping to the bed from the kitchen
So I’m putting on my swim trunks
Just in case I get even lower than usual.

Every night the weather report says
50% chance of rain
And it’s always right.
Perhaps it not too late to reach my potential.

I want to be a weatherman.

John Tustin’s poetry has appeared in many disparate literary journals since 2009. fritzware.com/johntustinpoetry contains links to his published poetry online. Follow him at fritzware.com/johntustinpoetry/ or facebook.com/johntustinpoetry.