“Jet Brown” by Jeremy Szuder

Jet Brown

Let us take the subtle and
at the same time mammoth
curvatures of earth. Let us

hold them and perhaps even
cuddle up, wrapping them,
hugging them…

Now to breathe in the fragrance,
and watch the face of a moon
turn to its side so gracefully.

To see the steady pulsing of those
arteries on its milky white neck
going from brain to heart

from whole heart back to brain
again. Let us let jet brown portals
vacuum in our auras and create

tidal wave like wrinkles in this
ever loving pocket of time.
And then, while you realize

your shortness of breath,
take the orbiting round perfect
cranium into playful warm hands,

and dunk it swiftly into the amber
waves, the crisp deep unknowns
of inner galactic seafaring.

Somehow grabbing, pushing,
and pulling in and out of those
welcoming waters, and laughing

with every pass. Laughing at that
moon, those clusters of stars
up there in our business.

Jeremy Szuder; 15 years as a musician, graphic design work, 25 years of self published Zines, fine art, 10 years deejaying, and continues to have illustrations and poems published by fine art and literary publications across the U.S.A. and Canada. Jeremy Szuder lives in Glendale, California. Website: jeremyszuder.wordpress.com