“Learn How to Wilt Before You Bloom” by John Maurer

Learn How to Wilt Before You Bloom

The chain mail made of layers of crystal shards
May as well be wet tissue paper in this mental war
In fact it is, in this battle, you must bleed to survive
Those who do not scream out in agony, perish

Those who sob on the soil, learn how to nurture a seed
Those who peel back the callouses, realize they can feel again
I wanted to be numb until I had a reason to be happy
I wanted to lose my taste when I was starving

Now a feast sits before me and it unsettles my stomach
I feel everything and I am still under stimulated
We realize after we heal half of our scars that the other half will stay
That the forest is too dense to keep it out,

John Maurer is a 26-year-old writer from Pittsburgh that writes fiction, poetry, and everything in-between, but their work always strives to portray that what is true is beautiful. They have been previously published in Claudius Speaks, The Bitchin’ Kitsch, Thought Catalog, and many others. Twitter: @JohnPMaurer