“Weather Report” by Amy Bobeda

Weather Report

I cannot escape the sun     11:00AM
The shaded side of Kohl’s hugs grass, still green from brief snowfall             holds the
lungs   >
64 degrees, late November. They say this part of Colorado sees 300 sunny days a year.
What do we consider

The people of Nicaragua did almost nothing to cause climate change, the tweet reads
into the eye of record-breaking hurricanes.

A mask tethered between stones displaced from some distant quarry––
how far does a rock travel to space?

Amy holds an MFA from the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics where she founded Wisdom Body Collective. She is an editor of More Revolutionary Letters: A Tribute to Diane di Prima. Her work can be read in Entropy, Vol1 Brooklyn, Denver Quarterly and elsewhere.