“Corrupted File of Spoiler Alerts (Partially Repaired)” by Kevin Grauke

Corrupted File of Spoiler Alerts (Partially Repaired)

Keyzer Soze is a sled because Rosebud is the ape planet
while Rick and Ilsa are shot off their choppers by rednecks
and Victor Laszlo discovers the heads of Thelma and Louise
in a box before McMurphy’s mother drives off a cliff
with Mrs. Robinson’s daughter although Gwyneth gets
a lobotomy after Norman Bates shuts the door on his wife
to join the famiglia at least until Rocky Balboa’s body reveals
itself as having been snatched in the invasion whereas Donald
Sutherland leaves Carl at the altar in order to flee town
on a bus with Tyler Durden who loses the fight to Apollo
Creed and calls for Fonda and Hopper but Benjamin
Braddock has been dead this whole time as has Shane even
if Rhett Butlerburns alive inside the Ark of the Covenant
unless the Wicker Man is the Russian spy and King Kong dies
and James Dean dies and Marilyn Monroe dies and Natalie
Wood dies and Cool Hand Luke dies and Bambi’s mother dies
and HAL 9000 dies and Old Yeller dies and Quint dies and
Radio Raheem dies and Mufasa dies and Goose dies and
that guy who was in that other thing dies and Bubba dies
and Albus Dumbledore dies and Han Solo dies and Tony
Stark dies and River Phoenix dies and Brittany Murphy dies
and Heath Ledger dies and X dies and Y dies and Z dies
and I die and you die and we all die and the credits roll and
the reel runs out and makes that slap slap slapping sound
and the projector bulb burns black and the popcorn molders
and the seats collapse and the metal rusts and the wood rots
and the water wears down the stones and then then then then

a green shoot pushes into the air so still and silent

Kevin Grauke is the author of Shadows of Men (Queen’s Ferry Press), which won the Steven Turner Award from the Texas Institute of Letters. His work has appeared in The Southern Review, Quarterly West, Blue Mesa Review, and the Cimarron Review. He teaches at La Salle University in Philadelphia.

Twitter: @kevingrauke