“This Is What I’m Dealing With (or, The Drawbacks of Being Reasonable)” by Colette Parris

This Is What I’m Dealing With (or, The Drawbacks of Being Reasonable)

The fact that the state of
isn’t keeping you up at night
is keeping me up at night


there are not enough
verys in the multiverse to convey
how very much I wish
that I was still ignorant
with respect to your ignorance


while I contemplate the possibility
that all that has come to pass
may very well cause me to
drown, pulled under
by a red tidal wave
of embarrassment,
I realize that you do not have
the good sense to be embarrassed,
and are instead splashing playfully
in hazardous waters


I know there is no point in telling you
that the light in the lighthouse
went out long ago
and that you are about to be
against the rocks; you will simply
smile at me indulgently and say
that’s a hoax

speaking of

hoaxes I keep waiting for someone
to say that I’m on a hidden camera show
thereby causing me to collapse on the floor
in a fit of piercing hysteria-tinged
giggles that
cede to guttural sobs
of immeasurable relief
and I say you got me,
you really got me


I know deep down
(also shallow down)
that that’s not going to happen


I am currently practicing my
and learning to love

Colette Parris is a Caribbean-American graduate of Harvard College (where she received a bachelor’s degree in English) and Harvard Law School. Her flash fiction can be found/is forthcoming in Lunch Ticket and Burningword Literary Journal. This is her first published poem. She lives in Westchester County, New York with her husband and daughter.

Twitter: @colettepjd