In Zadar by easton foxe

In Zadar

But it’s not that easy/to knife through my memory/and get rid of you/like burning a photo of us/hugging on Stari Most Bridge/in Mostar/I still hear the mosque bells/still, I smell you/AdriaticLavender/in Zadar

In a blue pension by the sea/we laid on our backs/or on each other/From Stari Most Bridge/laughing divers collected coins then dove to cheers/But my best memory/is you and I/and sex/in Zadar

Now I worship the bad memories/that knifed my skin/from yours/Even though time can’t cauterize anything/they hurt less than mosque bells/from Stari Most/in Mostar/hurt less than happiness/in Zadar

easton foxe is currently an MFA student in Creative Writing and Environment at Iowa State University. For the past four years, he lived in Mizokuchi, Tottori, Japan.