Three poems by Johanna Evenson

There is a story bobbing along
the blue painted boards
hitting the rocks time and time
again like a man full of regret,
banging his head against the wall.
Circling the scattered evidence
in their motorboats,
they keep asking what happened?
But a thousand nails
have already started to rust
at the bottom of the sea
and soon a thousand versions
of the story
will be floating to the surface.
At the bottom of the sea
they hold each other
in an eternal embrace
while tiny fish swim in and out
between their ribs.
She has lost a femur bone
but his perpetual smile says
“I don’t care.”
Pieces of boat lay scattered around
like evidence of broken dreams.
Curious fish
jumping out of the lake
holidng their breath
a second
a near death experience
a glimpse into a sky
of leg, beaks, and feathers.


Johanna Evenson is a professional musician and a professional psychotherapist, with one foot in Finland, where she was born, and one foot in the US, where she has lived for almost 30 years. Her poems have appeared, in English as well as in Swedish, in several magazines on-line and in print. In the fall of 2018 she received third prize in two poetry contests as well as a Pushcart nomination.