Worry Bone, by Hans Hetrick

Worry Bone

Always shaking my tree
Always rattling my bones
Stirs up
the natives
tending my temple
grooming my home
They get no peace
They never feel at home
Worry bone preaches
doom on every street
He’s a guest on every show
Thinks God burnt
trifles into stone
Swears disaster lurks
ravenous behind every
promising door
Worry bone wants fear
tattooed on everybody’s soul
For the Gods
will not rest
until everybody
lies prone on the floor
to tremble before fate
takes its toll.

Hans Hetrick is the author of Outrageous Hockey RivalriesFlightConnect Setup GuidePower 101: Power Infrastructure and EquipmentFighting Love,and the Liquid Controls Q4 Newsletter. He is also the cofounder and editor-in-chief of The Wax Paper, a literary and arts newspaper. Check us out at thewaxpaper.com or on Instagram at @thewaxpaper.