Free writerly events in Flagstaff related to the NonfictioNow conference

Check out all of these free, awesome nonfiction events open to everyone in conjunction with the NonfictioNow conference here in Flagstaff this week…

Thursday 29 October
The Dimensional Essay: A Reading and Performance of Multiform Nonfiction

8.15pm Weatherford Hotel

This reading will take place in the ballroom and bar of the Weatherford following Maggie Nelson’s Keynote talk. The event will feature a group of writers invited to deliver a reading in any form they choose. Participants will be invited to use anything from sound, to images, objects, other bodies, etc to demonstrate a text that engages readers through elements that work in addition to or alongside language. The event will act as an opportunity to question the formal conventions of a literary reading, and allow other makers the opportunity to stretch out.

30 Years of Essays from the Iowa Nonfiction Writing Program

9pm Fire Creek Coffee House and Bar

Elena Passarello, Michele Morano, John Price, Bonnie J. Rough, and Inara Verzemnieks, hosted by Robin Hemley and Hope Edelman.

Friday 30 October
The Normal School Reading

5.30pm Fire Creek Coffee House and Bar The Normal Schoolreading, hosted by Steven Church will host readings from JJ Anselmi, Carole Firstman, Liz Scheid, and Sarah Fawn Montgomery

Hotel Amerika Reading

9pm Fire Creek Coffee House and Bar

Hotel Amerika and David Lazar host readings from Danielle Deulen, Aaron Gilbreath, Angela Pelster-Wiebe and Joseph Harrington.

Saturday 31 October

5:30 pm Fire Creek Coffee House and Bar
From the Sonoran Desert to the Salt River to the Coconino National Forest, Arizona offers three distinct Master of Fine Arts programs in creative writing. Since their inception — University of Arizona in 1972, Arizona State University in 1985, and most recently, Northern Arizona University in 2012 — all three programs have shaped their respective literary communities. Collectively, they have expanded the state of Arizona’s artistic profile.
The Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR) MFA Reading in Creative Nonfiction will be the first event to showcase all three MFA programs on the same stage. Over the course of one hour, six readers of creative nonfiction will perform at Firecreek Coffee on Saturday, October 31, at 5:30 PM.