Featured Artist: David Mrugala

Featured Artist: David Mrugala
David Mrugala is a German architect living in Korea and working in an interdisciplinary environment with a particular interest in generative processes that not only aim for visual representations but also in responsive and interactive environments.2015.4.28_13.21.29_frame_0010
“I launched the platform thedotisblack to explore generative drawings using the programming language Processing. The main focus of it is to develop simple rules through coding that utilize basic design principles and can be used for further development, Mrugala says. 2015.4.21_13.49.21_frame_0002
“In general, I think that in contrast to other art and human endeavors, architectural design is the one which is the most generated by intellect, consciousness and reason. It is only intuitive to a degree where the use of geometry in the organization and calculation of proportion and dimension plays an important role in design. It gives a degree of self-control and allows the architectural designer to follow rules which if not followed would lead to a dead-end.”
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He adds, “There would be
arbitrariness and then how could one continue? In geometry, one always finds a circular argument that brings things together again, providing direction and flexibility. Thus in this context, for me coding does not only emphasize on this relationship among its parts but also enables the potential for a very high complexity of the whole that can be controlled by the designer.”2014.9.23_13.51.41_frame_0002

David Mrugala is a practicing architect. He was born and educated in Germany at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology where he received his Dipl.Ing. in architecture. For the last eight years he is living and working in Asia, among others in India, Thailand and since 2014 in Korea. He works in a multidisciplinary academic environment with a particular interest in generative processes that not only aim for visual representations but also can be applied in responsive and interactive environments. Additionally, he is pursuing his PhD at the Seoul National University in the area of responsive architecture. His research focus lies on the notion of “quiet architecture” aiming to confront the common misconception of architecture as a hollow shell, regarded mostly for its inefficient barrier, unless it is enhanced by technology.


You can find more of Mrugala’s work at www.thedotisblack.tumblr.com.  Follow him on Twitter @DavidMrugala.

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