We’re looking for blog posts by local writers!

Thin Air Magazine is looking for guest blog posts – be that written words, photography, audio, video, and/or art work!

We welcome writers/artists/photographers/videographers in the Flagstaff community along with NAU students/faculty/staff to submit content to our blog. We also welcome writers not from/living in Flagstaff who’ve written something inspired by a visit or takes place in our great city!

We want to feature literary things-to-do and events as well as other place-based creative content.

This could be a video essay or poem about Flagstaff. It could be a fictional story that is set in Flagstaff (as long as it is labeled fiction). Or maybe you want to submit a nonfiction listicle or historical essay. Even a fictional 10-minute play set here. We are up for all formats/genres/ideas both traditional and out of the box. You’ve got to tell a story with what you submit, whatever the format/type. (Unless it is an event and in that case, be sure to give us the who/what/when/where/why/cost). Multimedia (you have a photo to go with a story, for example) is highly encouraged.

Only submit images you’ve taken, words you’ve written, art you’ve made.
All blog content must be suitable for all audiences.
If you submit images, you need to have at least a sentence or two for captions for each one.
If submitting photo slideshows, videos, or art or anything with music, you must have the rights to publish said content. In other words, no videos with songs ripped off from artists. Use free music, music you’ve made yourself, music used with written permission or no music. No photo essays or collages or art work with elements you ripped off from other photographers/vieographers/artists/networks either. We want original copyright-free material.
You retain all rights to what you submit to us but do know we will promote it on social media and use corresponding images to do so.

All submissions must be under 1000 words (shorter work in the 300-500 word range is highly encouraged) (unless a 10-minute play, then it should be ten pages in stage-play format) and be labeled by genre. It should be labeled that it is being submitted to the blog.

For blog posts, we do require you publish under your real name (unless you are already known to the local public under a pen name) and tell us your relationship to Flagstaff (ie, you’re a student at NAU or you work at a local restaurant or you were born here or you visited last December, you get the idea.)

Blog submissions open September 15, 2015 and close April 1, 2016 and must all be submitted via Submittable. Response rate times vary with the amount of content submissions we receive. We will post what we like as we get it!

Start thinking of ways you can contribute!
Yes, we do welcome work you’ve written/made/produced for a class at NAU or CCC or even high school. No age limits, young or old. Everyone’s invited to participate. Do know that we won’t take everything that is submitted.

All content selected is at the sole discretion of Thin Air editorial staff.