3 Poems by Ashley Kunsa

Standing in the Garden of Myself Where My Lover Misplaced a Rusting Trowel sweet nectar of firebush plumbing the fraudulent ____________________________________this argument from broken deities __________________does it matter?   ________________________as light unspools across the thorax of _________________________________________inevitability___________________wading _____course you don’t know me _________________________________________________in this winter-colored dress, my wine-streaked cheeks, their hasty bloom _____________________a zebra longwing … More 3 Poems by Ashley Kunsa

I. Instructions for Finding a Detachable Set of Invisible Wings

I. Instructions for Finding a Detachable Set of Invisible Wings by Jen Karetnick   Jen Karetnick is the author of three full-length books of poetry, two forthcoming, and four chapbooks of poetry. Her work has appeared in publications including Cimarron Review, december, North American Review, Poet’s Market 2013, Poets & Writers, Spillway, Submittable.com and Valparaiso Poetry … More I. Instructions for Finding a Detachable Set of Invisible Wings

Amateur Icarus

Amateur Icarus by Marcus Goodyear   The moon is a glowing white ear, passing between gingerbread houses where wasps build their paper hexes. You are not here so it can’t be changing for us, this celestial cochlea and canal trained at the earth teaching me to listen when your phone rings and rings its robotic … More Amateur Icarus

Volunteer Opportunity

Volunteer Opportunity by Liz Drayer We’re so thrilled you’ve offered to donate your time to our cause and know how you value the privilege to serve The police background check is just part of the process please visit your neighborhood sheriff who’ll make sure you’re felony free and that “sexual predator” isn’t a suffix attached to … More Volunteer Opportunity

Battery Life

Battery Life by Daniel Schwartz “Much we have to fear, big-mouth beside me!” —Osip Mandelstam   This could be any era, and by any I mean none of them swept under the loss that was our decade we remember the sky’s oldest quotation marks and the weeks of holding our breath to keep other people from … More Battery Life