Scared by Michael Chin

We honeymooned in Orlando at the Universal Studios theme park and found our way to a Jurassic Park-themed boat ride through thick trees and velociraptors—fun in an ironic, retro way. The absences and deficiencies in technology stuck out. There was a time—presumably when the ride was released in 1996—when visitors would have been scared by … More Scared by Michael Chin

Several Indisputable Claims and Why I Fear Chainsaws Simulated; by Justin Kanzler

Simulated Reality Theory argues that the universe is actually a simulation created by a computer with powers far beyond our comprehension. That means everything–including the interdimensional loose change that lives in every couch simultaneously–is actually a few imperceptible lines of code for us to blithely accept and complain about. A foundational argument for the possible … More Several Indisputable Claims and Why I Fear Chainsaws Simulated; by Justin Kanzler

Night Noise

Night Noise by Emma Moser The pattern of your breathing changes, and that is how I know we both heard it, that we are both stirring from a different darkness than the one which embraced us, hours ago, as we embraced, fading into sleep, and that the velvet of conversing breaths has been violated by something … More Night Noise


BY CHELSEA BIONDOLILLO   …It can’t store enough fuel to last the night and hoist it from its well of dreams to first light trembling on wet fuchsia, nor break the hard promise life always keeps. A lot of hummingbirds die in their sleep.   —Diane Ackerman, Dark Night of the Hummingbird     Creeping … More BIRD BY DESERT-LIGHT


BY BILL VERNON   I’m not even fishing, just standing on the bank of the Little Miami River, and the flowing seems to pour through me. It’s as if the future lies downstream and all I have to do is look there to see it. My eyes are like spools from which the lines of … More PRESENCE